Re: Formatting issues (Re: Review of Entailment Regimes (Action-317))

Hm, is that still the case? I use Mac and it works for me in Safari
and Firefox (I don't have Chrome). It might have been caused by
cleaning up the files and Lee added local.css to the xsl style file,
which means that all files now have to have a local.css file in their
folder. I now added an empty local.css because I don't use local
styles and maybe Safari and Chrome were unwilling to load at all if a
file is missing.

On 6 October 2010 09:07, Ivan Herman <> wrote:
> This is not on the content (I will reply separately): the document does not display on Safari or Chrome (running on Mac), though I did not have a problem before and it does display on Firefox... I have no idea what happened.
> Ivan
> On Oct 5, 2010, at 20:41 , Chimezie Ogbuji wrote:
>> Birte, Ivan. See response inline below
>> On 10/2/10 2:01 PM, "Birte Glimm" <> wrote:
>>>> ------
>>>> There is a sudden jump in the complexity of the examples when getting to the
>>>> RIF core. I wonder whether it is possible to add a simpler example here...
>>> not done, I leave this up to Chime
>> I added a simple example right after [1] the definition of "7.2 (Simple) RIF
>> Core Entailment Regime".  I forgot to mention that I wanted to make this
>> small change prior to publication in today's meeting, sorry about that.  But
>> the change was quite small so I figure no harm in adding it.
>> [1]
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