SPARQL WG Agenda -- Tues. Nov. 30, 2010

(Will get this on the wiki in due course.)

Our agenda will be focused around the function library. I'd like to 
resolve as much of this as possible.

We'll use AndyS's emails - 
- as a guide and try to settle on:

* the set of functions

* xsd:string vs. simple literal arguments to and return values from 
string functions

* concatenating literals with language tags (proposal for this and above 
. See also

* spec'ing out RAND(X)

* do all new functions have keywords? do all new functions have URIs? 
what URIs?

* + for concatenation?

Thanks to Andy for summarizing many of these decisions here:

See also Axel's summary mail:

Note: We scheduled our protocol working session for Wed. Dec. 8 at 11am 
US eastern time. (See )


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