Topics for next week - shortcuts in update, group by expressions,

Thanks, Andy, for scribing and summarizing.

To emphasize from Andy's message, the small group on Tuesday addressed a 
number of issues that we will try to formally decide upon this coming 
Tuesday. These were:

* update shortcuts as proposed by Alex -- there was a slight preference 
for including these based on ease of use and ease of optimization; there 
were two mild dissents based on not wanting to add shortcuts before the 
full language is in widespread use

   => On Tuesday, we'll open this for discussion. If there is no 
significant discussion, we'll consider this proposal:

   PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-59 by including the shortcut operations from within 
SPARQL 1.1 Update

* grouping by expressions -- there was consensus in the small group for 
allowing GROUP BY expressions along with aliasing expressions (with AS) 
in the GROUP BY clause.

   => On Tuesday, we'll open this for dissenting opinions; we'll 
consider the proposal:

   PROPOSED: The GROUP BY clause can include expressions with or without 
AS aliases. These aliases can be re-used in the HAVING clause and query 
result clause

* aggregates over mixed data types -- there was consensus in the small 
group that the current state of affairs sufficiently addresses ISSUE-16.

   => On Tuesday, we'll consider the proposal:

   PROPOSED: Close ISSUE-16 by noting that aggregates define their 
semantics over mixed data types which can include errors, errors that 
propagate to a SELECT list result in an unbound variable, errors that 
propagate to GROUP BY clause result in an "unbound" key.


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