Grammar updated

I've updated the grammar:

and in rq25:

Not done:
* alignment of fragments in the document(s)
* Eric's comments on reorganisation (planning on doing them when the
   grammar is finished as they don't change the language).
* any keyworded functions we might add (in rule 112)


An oddity that I noticed in SPARQL Update:

The word GRAPH is optional here (rule 47/GraphOrDefault)

   ADD <uri> TO <uri>

ditto for MOVE and COPY, taken from Alex's text.  Requiring GRAPH means 
it would have to be written twice in one operation.

   ADD GRAPH <uri> TO GRAPH <uri>

In these shortcuts (rule 48/GraphRef) it's required.

   CLEAR GRAPH <uri>
   DROP GRAPH <uri>

I think the latter is due to history - the desire for the use of 
mandatory GRAPH was preferred before we had update operations separated 
by ';' for clarity.  It is "DROP DEFAULT" - the default graph gets a 
keyword, so there is no issue now with plain "DROP".  With explicitly 
separated operations and not having nothing for default, the original 
argument, as I recall it, from mandatory GRAPH have now gone away.

As shortcuts as supposed to be conveniences, it seems to be sensible to 
adopt one style and for the optional GRAPH style (because of the double 
use in MOVE etc).


Received on Friday, 26 November 2010 16:54:45 UTC