Re: Call for issues and comment on JSON result format

On 14/12/10 16:22, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> This message is collect any issues and comments on the DAWG Note:
> "Serializing SPARQL Query Results in JSON"
> Please reply to this message with any issues on this Note within one
> week so we can assess the practical implications of taking this through
> to REC as part of this working group.
> Andy
> (This completes ACTION-349)

I have taken the HTML from the WG Note and created working copy in

This is the content of the the NOTE except it says "Editor's working draft".

Sandro, chairs,

Process question: is it normal practice to have at least one WG Working 
Draft before Last call or should we take this straight to Last Call, 
givben it's been a WG-Note.


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