Re: Agenda 2010-10-19

On 19/10/10 14:30, Axel Polleres wrote:
> On 19 Oct 2010, at 10:16, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> The manifest uses both ut:graph and ut:data with ut:graphData.
> Ah, gotcha! obviously ut:graph was wrong, thanks for the catch... fixed.

The use of ut:data in two different ways is wrong, not unworkable but 
confusing.  It's used twice with different domain and ranges.  And 
neither domain is a :UpdateTest which is what the vocabulary says.

The README compounds this:
In the case of absence of both ut:data and ut:graphData properties 
within the mf:result, the graph store is supposed to be empty after 
execution of the update.

Change ut:data when used on a ut:graphData to ut:contents or something. 
  It would be confusing to chnage the other use of u:data to something 
else because of qt:data



at most one ut:data property denoting the unnamed graph
probably does not matter but why only one?  Why not the RDF merge of 
several?  Actually, if we test for USING, this might matter.

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