Re: charter extension/updating the schedule

On 2010-10-02, at 20:22, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> 1.
> Getting finished is important.
> Some of the documents are at LC quality or very close, others are not.
> My part of query needs some work on it and I would hope to be able to complete it by LC if nothing else arises but there is no room for manoeuvre.  We haven't sorted out the protocol, function library or JSON format(?) - none of them is large, but it's all time out of the period to LC.
> The timescale to LC is quite tight from my personal point of view.  Dec 1 is about 8 weeks away and I have at least one week out during that time. During that time we have to organise reviews of documents.

I have two weeks out, and some substantial work to do on my sections. I'm concerned that it's not realistic to get to LC before Dec 1.

- Steve

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