Re: Format of SPARQL Update results

On 2010-12-23, at 10:07, Alexandre Passant wrote:

> Hi,
> Reading the discussion about JSON serialization of query results, I figured out that we don't have a proper format for results of SPARQL Update queries.
> Since we agreed to send only success / failure as a result, I suggest to use the boolean return form (as for ASK) with true / false values depending on the success / failure (so that it does not require updates to the XML / JSON result formats).
> I don't think we need a formal vote for that, but if anyone objects or have other opinions, please let me know. 
> If not, I'll include that to the next round of publishing.

Due to user requests we added some text along the lines of "12 triples added, 7 removed" in the response to a SPARQL Update requests in 5store. So, whatever format is specified, I'd like to be able to include some human readable text somewhere.

Worst case it can go in a XML comment, but that's not ideal.

- Steve

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