Re: function library summary and issues

On 28/11/10 15:14, Steve Harris wrote:
>> >  If we require it, it seems natural to me to have:
>> >
>> >    CONCAT("a"@en, "b"@en) ->  "ab"@en
>> >    CONCAT("a"@en, "b"@fr) ->  "ab"  (or error)
>> >    CONCAT("a"@en, "b") ->  "ab"  (or error)
> There are legitimate cases where you might have some literals without tags, and some with, and want to concatenate them, without having loads of logic.

(just sorting out the small details)

This can be achieved by using STR:

CONCAT(STR("a"@en), STR("b"@fr)) ->  "ab"

Is that too much logic?

GROUP_CONCAT does require use of STR becuase it uses fn:string-join.


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