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[CFP] BigPROV @EDBT 2013: Workshop on Managing and Querying Provenance Data at Scale

[owl changed] Re: PROV-ISSUE-384 (prov-role-in-attribution): prov:role in attribution or not? [prov-dm]

ACTION-650: Review what provenance WG is doing with an eye to application to privacy issues

batch 3 (18 issues): proposed responses to public comments (deadline Wednesday Oct 3rd)

bibtex for prov documents?

Constraints Last Call published

Editorial error in the primer

F2F4 Sign-up and Details

Fwd: ACTION-650: Review what provenance WG is doing with an eye to application to privacy issues

FYI - Fwd: Comments on TF-Graphs/Minimal-dataset-semantics

implementation report - requiring an upload of a provenance trace?

ISSUE-385: hasProvenanceIn: finding a solution

On creating/editing W3C Notes

Primary Source again (Re: PROV-ISSUE-518: Data Model Section 5.2.4 ) [prov-dm]

proposed responses to public comments (deadline: Wednesday 09/26)

PROV SW page and FAQ

prov-dm normative sections (ISSUE-495)

PROV-ISSUE-212 (three-vs-two-levels): Shold we distinguish between things, entities and entity records in the semantics or just have entities and entity records [Formal Semantics]

PROV-ISSUE-214 (prov-sem-event-activities): PROV-SEM: Linking events to activities [Formal Semantics]

PROV-ISSUE-288 (TLebo): ProvRDF issues for Usage [mapping prov-dm <-> prov-o]

PROV-ISSUE-337 (agent-and-entity): agent should not be a subclass of entity [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-370 (tracedTo-inference-only): Should tracedTo be moved to prov-constraints and be defined as a binary relation that can be inferred [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-376 (rename-responsibility): Renaming Responsibility (to Behalf?) [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-382 (jzhao): Qualification patters in prov-o section 3.3 [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-383 (how-to-handle-subtypes): How to handle subtypes in PROV-DM [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-391 (jzhao): Reflecting Membership in the Collection Component [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-395: Rename hadOriginalSource to "originatedFrom"? [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-396: Rename "wasRevisionOf" to "revisedFrom"? [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-409 (prov-dm-review-LC): feedback on PROV-DM document (for last call release) [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-435: "specialized entity" in specialization definition [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-442 (prov-o-html-term-coverage): Identify prov.owl terms that can be omitted in prov.html [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-447: subactivity relation [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-449: Better definition of prov:value [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-450: DM tables "incomplete" (specifically: activity ending activity) [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-459 (prov-constraints-lc-review): PROV-CONSTRAINTS review [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-461: provo cross reference inadequate in printed form [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-463 (freimuth): comments from robert freimuth [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-465 (avoid-infinite-inferences): Avoid infinite loops in inferences [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-471 (wrong-wasAttributedTo-constraints): wasAttributedTo constraints not sensical [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-477 (rename toplevel-bundle): rename toplevel-bundle to dataset [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-479: cite TriG for examples [Ontology]

PROV-ISSUE-480: XSD Validator returns schema parser error when reading prov.xsd [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-482: [external question] bundle IDs on insertion, context [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-486: The XSD for communication includes an optional element for time [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-490 (prov-constraints-lc-editorial): PROV-CONSTRAINTS pre-Last Call editorial issues [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-491: [external] feedback on prov:agent explanation. [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-492: typo in example [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-493: prov:type has type Value; valid values too general, include number, datetime, boolean, etc. [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-494: Make prov:ref a required attribute for Ref complexTypes

PROV-ISSUE-495: ivan's feedback on prov-dm LC [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-496: ivan's feedback on prov-n LC [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-497: prov-dm: Data Model Figure 1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-498: Data Model Table 2 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-499: Data Model Section 2.1.1, semantics [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-500: Data Model Section 2.1.1, hierarchies [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-501: Data Model Section 2.1.1, example [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-502: Data Model Section 2.1.2 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-503: Data Model Section [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-504: Data Model Section 2.2.2 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-505: Data Model Section 3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-506: Data Model Section 4.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-507: Data Model Tables 4 and 5 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-508: Data Model Table 5 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-509: Data Model Figure 5 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-510: Data Model Section 5.1.3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-511: Data Model Section 5.1.4 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-512: Data Model Section 5.1.5 (Example 21) [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-513: Data Model Section 5.1.6 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-514: Data Model Section 5.1.7 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-515: Data Model Section 5.1.8 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-516: Data Model Section 5.2.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-517: Data Model Sections 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-518: Data Model Section 5.2.4 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-519: Data Model Figure 8 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-520: Data Model Section 5.3.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-521: Data Model Section 5.3.3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-522: Data Model Section 5.3.4 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-523: Data Model Section 5.3.5 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-524: Data Model Section 5.4.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-525: Data Model Section 5.5.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-526: Data Model Section 5.5.2 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-527: Data Model Section 5.5.3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-528: Data Model Section 5.5.3 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-529: Data Model Section 5.6.1 [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-530: Data Model Section 5.7.2 (Table 6) [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-531: Data Model Section [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-532: Data Model Section [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-533: Notation, of attributes [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-534: Notation Section 2.1 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-535: Notation Section 2.2 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-536: Notation Section 2.3 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-537: Notation Section 2.4 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-538: Notation Section 2.4, example 2 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-539: Notation Section 3, EBNF format [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-540: Notation Section 3, structure of documentation [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-541: Notation Section 3.1.3 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-542: Notation Section 3.1.4 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-543: Notation Section 3.5 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-544: Notation Section 3.7 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-545: Notation Section 3.7.2 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-546: Notation Section 3.7.4 [prov-n]

PROV-ISSUE-547: prov:records requires a specific order of elements [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-548: XSD MentionOf, change terms to match PROV-DM [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-549: XML Schema Bundle vs. NamedBundle [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-550: Bundles have required records, why not optional? [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-551: Flatten XML Schema removing records and/or dependencies? [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-552 (subclass-prov-o): Check subclass definitions in prov-o [Ontology]

PROV-ISSUE-553: QNames are too restrictive as identifiers [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-554 (time-qualification): public comment: should qualfied and unqualified versions the same [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-555 (time-qualification): public comment: should qualfied and unqualified versions the same [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-556 (time-qualification): public comment: should qualfied and unqualified versions the same [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-557: why collectionMemberOf instead of hadMember? [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-558: Introducing commonAttributes allows role/value on objects which dm does not allow for [XML Serialization]

PROV-ISSUE-559: For delegation, two agents need to have some overlap in their lifetime. [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-560: type overlap question [prov-dm-constraints]

PROV-ISSUE-561 (primer-figure-sync): Primer Section 2 figure [Primer]

PROV-ISSUE-562 (primer-specialization-inheritance): Primer Section 2.9 specialization [Primer]

PROV-ISSUE-563 (primer-alternates-figure): Primer Section 3.9 Alternates [Primer]

PROV-ISSUE-564 (primer-version-copy): Primer Section 2.9 Versions and copies [Primer]

PROV-ISSUE-565 (rdfa-check): Do the suggested way of pointing to provenance work in rdfa [Accessing and Querying Provenance]

prov-o call today

prov-o ISSUE-349

prov-o telecon on Monday?

prov-wg meeting minutes 2012-09-06

prov-wg Telcon Agenda September 13, 2012

prov-wg Telcon Agenda September 20, 2012

prov-wg Telcon Minutes Sept. 20, 2012

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 06 September 2012

PROV-WG Telecon Agenda 27 September 2012

prov-wg teleconference minutes 2012-09-27

prov-wg: Minutes of September 13, 2012 Telcon

PROV-XML Call on monday (please RSVP)

response to public comments (deadline: Tuesday Sep 18)

scribe required for today, thanks

Sesame's AliBaba uses PROV-O for auditing

skeleton of the implementation report

Suggested Dates for Next F2F Meeting

today's call: scribe required

update on issue-479

updates to implementation questionnaire

WORKS workshop: Submission deadline extended to the 28th of September

XML Schema Updates

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