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"a standard library of bootstrapping transformations"

[ACTION] Mark-up W3C contact page completed

[OT] good & bad use cases

`sq1a` test case issues

About W3C > Contact Updates


Advocacy and Marketing

Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Wed April 28th 11:00 EST

agenda GRDDL WG 7 March in progress

Agenda GRDDL WG March 14th 11:00-4:00 EST

Agenda GRDDL WG March 14th 11:00-4:00 EST (regrets)

Alternative tests - (was today's Agenda)

alternative tests - another solution

Another test suggesting change in the spec

Call for Exclusions: GRDDL ** Please read special instructions **

Call for Exclusions: GRDDL Test Cases

clarifying IRI vs URI [was: HP review for LC]

Contact Mark-up Question

Dom's tests migrate; set default test ACL as public

draft response to Elliotte Harold

draft response to Elliotte Harold "Security: read vs. write "

EARL and test-suite

EARL namespace URI update

EDT? Re: Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Wed April 28th 11:00 EST

FYI: W3C charters HTML WG

GRDDL into W3C contact Page


GRDDL Profiles in Microformat creators

GRDDL spec doesn't handle <link rel="transformation and something else">

GRDDL telecon minutes

GRDDL Test Documents - done with edits

GRDDL Test Documents - moving all the tests, including approved tests?

GRDDL Use Cases Working Group Note: Chair sends a transition request to the Director/CEO

GRDDL WD comments (security section, etc.)

GRDDL WG Agenda March 21st 11:00 EST

GRDDL WG Agenda March 7th 11:00 EST

GRDDL WG Telecon Minutes March 21st 11:00 EST

GRDDL-WG Meeting March 14th Time change?, policy zones

grddlonrdf tests

grddlonrdf-xmlmediatype.rdf test

htaccess example

Introduction: Jeremy Carroll


Javascript and GRDDL

Javascript and GRDDL (and economics-of-deployment use cases)

keeping "how to run GRDDL test cases" somewhat separate

LC on Test and Primer - timescale issues


local policy

Manifest suggestion (was Re: Test document draft)

March 7th GRDDL Minutes

Microformats survey (for GRDDL)

minutes 28 march 07 for approval

minutes GRDDL WG weekly 28 Feb, in progress

more tests

multipleRepresentations and langconneg tests

note on .htaccess file

ok to remove subProfile from glean-profile.xsl? [was: Library]

On 301 action

On security tests

plan for test clean up

possible text on validation

Primer OWL Entailment

Primer upate

recursion/layering tests

Regrets for 2007-03-21

Regrets for March 28

Regrets for this week

Review of Test document draft

review of use cases

Semantic Web correspondence and call for comments [ACTION closed]

SVG hCard example; sharing profiles?

test case for transformation identification vs. contained data

Test cases - various policy issues

test clean up, part 1 done.

Test document draft

Tests: Re: GRDDL WG Agenda March 7th 11:00 EST

Too difficult? loop test

towards implementation report for security section

updated minutes 21st March 2007

updated minutes 21st March 2007 (archival agenda pointers)

URGENT: Forward this e-mail to your AC Rep!

URGENT: Needed to complete my edit of GRDDL WD

Use Case SOTD

Use cases: please fix ref to GRDDL Spec

various actions done, new tests

Web architecture best practices, media-types, and #issue-output-formats

wording about tests

WWW 2007

XML Literal Puzzle

XML Schema WG feedback on GRDDL Last Call WD

Zakim bridge is down Re: Agenda for GRDDL WG Meeting Wed April 28th 11:00 EST

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