RE: Test document draft

> The only public 
> repository is the hg repository, which is currently only 
> updated manually.

Would you be so kind as to perform such an update?

> > - Two properties were suggested in an earlier John-l patch 
> [2] to capture (formally) the relationship between 
> alternative test outputs:
> How are those properties consumed? Data that isn't consumed rots.

I'm glad you bring this up.  Even without any new code, if you simply
merge the graphs of the results with these definitions and the test
manifest, you get additional information about tests that failed.  For
example, fails test <#xinclude>, but after merging we see why
this is:

  [ a earl:Assertion;
         earl:result [ a earl:TestResult;
                 earl:validity earl:fail];
         earl:test :noxinclude].

  :xinclude a test:Test;
         dc:title "Testing GRDDL when XInclude processing is enabled";
         alt:alternative :noxinclude.

  [ a earl:Assertion;
         earl:result [ a earl:TestResult;
                 earl:validity earl:pass];
         earl:test :xinclude].

Of course, this requires additional work on the part of the tester in
order to learn this information, but that's just the beginning.

If the WG was in favor of these terms, I was planning to augment the
test harness to be smarter about the reporting of test failure based
upon these terms.  In particular, if the test harness sees the failure
of a test that is an alt:alternative to another test that passes, then
it would indicate this (something along the lines of "this test failed,
but an alternate test passed").

Take care,

    John L. Clark

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