Re: LC on Test and Primer - timescale issues

On Fri, 2007-03-09 at 10:39 +0000, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> - I think I would advocate taking the GRDDL spec to CR along with test 
> to LC. This is then a "call-for-implementations"
> - PR is then late May / mid June
> This timescale strikes me as ambitious, (too ambitious?), and puts quite 
> a lot of pressure on the editors of both Test and Primer. Personally, I 
> would advise them to think hard about whether they have the time and 
> effort, and if not, the group should reconsider whether we need to Rec 
> Track these documents.

Also keep in mind the question of W3C staff support.
Our charter set an expectation of going straight to PR
without a hold-still-for-implementations CR phase, and it
didn't anticipate me taking on the HTML WG co-chair
role. I started looking for an alternate team contact
a few weeks ago, but I'm not making much progress;
there isn't much spare bandwidth in the staff.

I lean toward going to PR by WWW2007 with whatever
we have in hand. For details, again, see

>  Clearly, we will have a better set of 
> deliverables if we do, and as long as their is sufficient commitment 
> from the editors to do the necessary work, then I am supportive.
> Jeremy

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