keeping "how to run GRDDL test cases" somewhat separate

In recent minutes, I see...

"*ACTION:* Chime adding sentence to Test Case Doc specifying that local 
security policy must be set to none before running tests"

I'm interested to see how that turns out; it's fine to note, in the 
section on notes
to implementors who might want to run the tests, that security policy
interacts with the ability to compute various GRDDL results. In particular,
I'd like us to work out the details of reporting, in EARL, "I didn't find
the GRDDL result in this test due to policy/configuration".

So far, all the stuff about running the tests is incidental and informal.
I don't want to add any RFC2119 MUST style stuff about how to test a
GRDDL-aware agent. In particular, I don't think we should advocate
making it *possible* to set the security policy of a GRDDL-aware
agent to "none".

Maybe having the "how to run tests" stuff in the same document
is too confusing.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Thursday, 8 March 2007 14:17:27 UTC