Re: "a standard library of bootstrapping transformations"

On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 10:51 +0000, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> Prompted by the test cases doc, I looked at the charter for the first 
> time (whoops - I guess I should have done that before joining the group!)
> I read:
> [[
> working group should deliver:
> ...
>      * a standard library of bootstrapping transformations, such as:
>            o a transformation that simply copies out any rdf:RDF elements
>            o a transformation for recognizing profileTransformation 
> links for use in profile documents
> ]]
> While we have these two transforms,

to wit:


>  they are both a bit buggy, and it is 
> not clear that they are deliverables.

Indeed, they should be.

> I suggest we:
> a) assign web space in the WG area for this library

why move them? They should outlive the WG.
The /2003/g/ URI space seems fine.

Hmm... maybe you don't have write access to them
where they currently sit?

I have long intended for the test materials to
include cached copies of stuff from outside the test
area. I wonder if that's too big of a project to
include in our critical path...

> b) include precisely these two transforms in it
> c) fix bugs

c.1) add tests for bugs

> d) include a reference to this library from the primer.
> I am happy to do this.

Thanks; you might as well start on the plan as you sketched it.

> Jeremy

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