Re: GRDDL Test Documents - done with edits

On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> The changes look good.
> I support the dropping of the litres.xml test case.
> Three points:
> - minor: I didn't understand the subsumes property in the grddl test vocab 
> document
> (oh and please modify the access control on this)
> I looked at it in CVS.
> (I think the networked test thing is a good idea)

I've made ACL changes to that RDFS schema.  It was suggested in the last 
teleconference to put conversation aside about what vocabulary we use to 
express alternative GRDDL results until after an initial WD cycle, so I 
made sure to not mention them in the text, but as this was the only 
concrete suggestion at the time, I went with it as it has no impact on the test 
reporting - it was an annotative change only.

I had assumed that at some point (the next telecon, presumably) we would have substantive discussion 
and reach some concensus (perhaps) on what terms we use to describe this 
and apply whatever changes we have concensus on to the next cycle.

> - bigger:
>  where are the master copies of the tests?
>  There are now copies in
> and you seem to be proposing putting more copies into
> I suggest not doing so, but leaving
> as *the* repository, and including a zip of whatever you want to archive in
> This policy helps avoid synchronization issues.

I'll address this along with DanC's concerns..

> - suggestion:
> If you wanted to make the sever rules more explicit, you could include an 
> .htaccess file in the zip, that had these rules in.

I'm not quite familiar with the mechanics of .htaccess, so if someone 
could help me put one together for the informal server rules I documented, 
I'd appreciate it.  Depending on how complex such an .htaccess file for 
these particular rules are it might be less trouble this way..

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