Re: GRDDL Profiles in Microformat creators

On 3/23/07, Dan Connolly <> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 14:30 +0000, Brian Suda wrote:
> > My other action[1] this week was to contact the Microformats folks
> > about getting Profile attributes built into the creator-o-matics[2].
> >
> > I had a look at the creators and have some good news and bad news.
> >
> > The bad news is that the creators only make HTML snippits for pasting
> > into other HTML content. Therefore the creators do NOT have the <body>
> > or <head> elements where we would need to add the profile attribute.
> Yeah; that's an unsolved problem...
> issue-tx-element: is there a way to push the grddl:transformation
> attribute down from the document element to individual elements without
> breaking the chain of authority?
> > The good news is that the code is in the HG repository[3] which i have
> > access too. I CAN make a note on the page that says something like "Be
> > sure to include this profile attribute in the head element ..."
> > "what's a profile? [link here]" and/or "what is grddl? [link here]"
> I think that's a reasonable idea; definitely "what's a profile?"
> rather than "what is GRDDL?" The answer to "what's a profile?"
> can have links to GRDDL and the microformat/RDF faq.
> Another idea: how about adding a check-box for "make a whole
> HTML document, not just a snippet" and including the profile
> for free there?

Good idea Dan :)

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