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On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Harry Halpin wrote:
> Chime,
>    If you can, remind me of one simple OWL entailment that would make
> sense with the clinical data example in the GRDDL Primer and I'll add
> the verbal description and check it into the primer...

Hello Harry.  See #swig comment

<chimezie> HarryH: in retrospect, there is really nothing about the RDF exracted from HL7 that would be of any use for inference

Below is a somewhat contrived example, but the problem 
primarily is that HL7 RIM is an information model not a knowledge 
representation [1] & [2] So, there is a ceiling on the amount of useful 
inference you can derive from data extracted from HL7 *by itself*.

You could introduce a subclass of foaf:Image for images which depict 
(foaf:depicts [3]) a cpr:medical-sign [4]:


@prefix ex: <,2007-03-20:ImagingSemantics#>.
@prefix cpr: <>.
@prefix foaf: <>.
@prefix owl: <>.
@prefix rdfs: <>.

ex:DiagnosingImage a owl:Class;
                    rdfs:subClassOf foaf:Image,
                    [ a owl:Restriction;
                      owl:onProperty ex:indicates;
                      owl:someValuesFrom cpr:medical-sign ]

ex:indicates a owl:ObjectProperty;
              rdfs:comment "Property relating a foaf:Image to a medical sign it indicates";
              rdfs:subPropertyOf [ owl:inverseOf cpr:interpretant-of ];
              rdfs:domain foaf:Image;
              rdfs:range cpr:medical-sign


So, if you associated the example cpr RDF graph with the 
above OWL fragment and the POMR ontology (there is still no 
consistent precedent on how to do such a thing: associate the ABOX with 
*a* TBOX in OWL), and followed OWL entailment, you could dispatch the following SPARQL query:

PREFIX cpr: <>
PREFIX ex: <,2007-03-20:ImagingSemantics#>
PREFIX skos: <>
SELECT ?sign ?image
   ?image a ex:DiagnosingImage;
          ex:indicates [ skos:prefLabel ?sign ]

This ofcourse, assumes the piece of code responsible for processing this 
bit of SPARQL:

- Is a GRDDL-aware agent (note the GRAPH URL is the source document)
- Can follow its nose (by some yet unknown convention) to find the OWL assertions
- Is capable of performing OWL (DL? Full?) inference *before* dispatching a SPARQL query over an RDF graph

The result:

image  |   sign
_:foo  |  "Chest hyperinflated"

The URI for the image is a BNode in this case.  Not so useful, but 
consider (perhaps) if the medical record instead used a resolvable HTTP 
URI of the actual Chest Xray, or an authoritative identifier from an imaging repository within the 
institution where the Xray was performed.

Hope this suites your needs.


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