grddlonrdf tests


With these two I would hope at some point to be able to check output1 
and output2; but can't at the moment. I might come back later on the 
other two, once my software can check them.

With these two I get the following error messages (times two)

  WARN [SandBoxed-26] ( - 5): {W109} The 
namespace URI: <??> is relative. Such use has been deprecated by the 
W3C, and may result in RDF interoperability failures. Use an absolute 
namespace URI.
ERROR [SandBoxed-26] ( - 5): {E201} 
Illegal attributes on rdf:RDF

The second is unavoidable.

The first is simply an error in the files, this seems like nonsense:



Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2007 12:26:43 UTC