Re: grddlonrdf tests

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
> testlist3.html#grddlonrdf-xmlmedia-type1
> testlist3.html#grddlonrdf

please let's use the names without the .html

The short description of this tests says "/An implementation only has to 
produce one of these three/."
(1) that's not true, i.e. can't be justified from the spec. producing 
none is consistent with the spec.
(2) "an implementation" isn't a term we've defined; "GRDDL-aware agent" 
is the conformance label
(3) let's please not refer to implementations from the test descriptions 
at all. The tests are there
primarily to clarify the language design. They are also intended to help 
developers develop interoperable
code, but I'd rather leave that out of the test descriptions altogether.

Also, re "there are /three distinct and equally valid output graphs for 
this test/ for this document"
(1) "equally valid" is a little tricky to justify from the spec, given 
the SHOULD stuff we recently
put in there re GRDDL-aware agents.
(2) it's "GRDDL result", not "output graph".

> With these two I would hope at some point to be able to check output1 
> and output2; but can't at the moment. I might come back later on the 
> other two, once my software can check them.
> With these two I get the following error messages (times two)
>  WARN [SandBoxed-26] ( - 
> 5): {W109} 
> The namespace URI: <??> is relative. Such use has been deprecated by 
> the W3C, and may result in RDF interoperability failures. Use an 
> absolute namespace URI.
> ERROR [SandBoxed-26] ( - 
> 5): {E201} 
> Illegal attributes on rdf:RDF
> The second is unavoidable.
> The first is simply an error in the files, this seems like nonsense:
>    xmlns:con="??"
Indeed. I'm not in a good position to attend to details like that this week.
Please fix, Harry or Brian or somebody.

Let's see about an ssh/cvs account for you, Jeremy. Please send me
an ssh2 public key.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2007 13:25:41 UTC