Re: GRDDL Test Documents - done with edits

The changes look good.
I support the dropping of the litres.xml test case.

Three points:
- minor: I didn't understand the subsumes property in the grddl test 
vocab document
(oh and please modify the access control on this),access*
I looked at it in CVS.
(I think the networked test thing is a good idea)

- bigger:
   where are the master copies of the tests?
   There are now copies in
and you seem to be proposing putting more copies into

I suggest not doing so, but leaving
as *the* repository, and including a zip of whatever you want to archive in

This policy helps avoid synchronization issues.

- suggestion:
If you wanted to make the sever rules more explicit, you could include 
an .htaccess file in the zip, that had these rules in.


Received on Monday, 19 March 2007 14:44:49 UTC