Re: Test document draft

Thanks Chime!

Here's my new test case which resolves my action:

ACTION: HarryH to update #langconneg test-case to deal with merge from
different representations

I added the test case here:

Chimezie Ogbuji wrote:
> I took a first attempt at a coherent outline / structure for a test
> document mainly from material in the 3 prior test documents, recent
> comments / suggestions, and outstanding patches & material.  This
> should dispatch my two ACTIONS:
> - [] -
> ACTION: Chime adding sentence to Test Case Doc specifying that local
> security policy must be set to none before running tests
> - [] -
> ACTION: Chime to take pending tests for approval from agenda and see
> if at least 2 implementations pass them.
> The most current list of tests that are passed by two implementations
> [1] makeup the list of 'localized' tests.  This result list is
> definately dated WRT to the Jena GRDDL impl.  The atom/turtle test was
> moved to an 'informative' section as it doesn't correlate to anything
> formally stated by the spec.
> The test case descriptions are taken as is from the testlist1-3.html
> documents (after merging in outstanding patches).
> These could probably use better wording. The aim here was mainly to
> stream-line our attempt to reach consensus on test approval process by
> trying to organize the tests by whether or not they are normative or
> informal, whether they can be run locally, with an emphasis on those
> covered by a documented EARL report from 2 or more implementations.
> I have @@notes for things outstanding.  The document is attached,
> checked into CVS (2001/sw/grddl-wg/doc50/grddl-tests.html), and hosted
> [2] - since I wasn't sure how to change the ACLs on the document
> [1]
> [2]
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