Test cases - various policy issues

For tidying up the test cases I suggest the following policies:

a) all files needed by the tests should be one of:
    - in the test Web directory
    - in the library Web directory (see previous message)
    - standard W3C documents (e.g. the XHTML profile document,
      the GRDDL namespace document)

b) no 404s permitted (see loop test for an example of a 404)

c) all test descriptions should be brief and uncontentious
    No rationale should be offered for why the test behaves the
    way it does.
    e.g. "A test concerning content negotiation about language."
    or "A test concerning content negotiation about mimetypes."

Rationale for this policy:
   what we need is systems that pass tests.
   we do not need agreement about why they pass the tests.
It is easier to get the former than the latter.

I would be happy to do a sweep of the tests to implement any of these 


Received on Wednesday, 14 March 2007 10:57:37 UTC