Re: URGENT: Needed to complete my edit of GRDDL WD

This is beyond my ken - I always think in terms of "URIs should mean
IRIs anyways", de facto if not de jure.

So, DanC - any advice?

I'll give it a thorough read tomorrow before shipping off...

Murray Maloney wrote:
> BTW,
> I have not made the s/URI/IRI/ change.
> I actually think that it is not as straightforward a change as we
> thought.
> I discovered that the first few mentions of URI had no links
> to the references section and I am not familiar with the protocol.
> I also noticed that one of the earliest mentions of a URI is in
> a normative statement in section 3 and that is to a namespace-uri,
> which I think is a term that cannot readily changed to namespace-iri
> unless I am mistaken.
> Please advise.
> Murray


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