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"open standards", RAND, RF


"RAND" licensing concerns...

"Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory"

"Reasonable" is a slipperly slope

"Standards" with licensing restrictions disasterous to free software


* "Standards" with licensing restrictions disasterous to free software * "Standards" with licensing restrictions disasterous to free software

[Fwd: [fairuse] My letter to the W3C: Please do not allow any W3C standard to beencumbered by patents.]

[OT] W3C and the Promotion of Fee-based Standards for the Web

[www-patentpolicy-comment] <none>

A comment on RAND...

A complete reversal of policy

A few further points

A good hit to the open & free nature of web development

A question

A terrible idea

About standards and limitations

About the RAND license

Accepting for-fee-patents is a VERY bad idea

Adoption of recommendations

Advice to lengthen the time to respond to the RAND licencing issue

Against a patent encumbered internet.

against accomodating patents

Against new rules

Against patent policy changes

against patent-fees in w3c standards

Against patented standards

Against patents

Against Patents in Standards

Against proposals for RAND Licensing

Against RAND

Against RAND proposal

against reasonable licensing



against w3 patents

Against W3C Patent Policy (RAND)

All Recommendations should be royalty-free

Allowance of RAND in standards

Allowing patents in software standards is a mistake

Allowing patents in Standards is the antithesis of the W3C charter

Allowing Patents==bad

and what about the penny-less student?

Anti-User RAND Licensing Policy

Any fee is discriminatory

apologies for posting twice by accident


Atrong opposition

Backdoor attempt to banish Open-Source from the Web?

Bad bad bad idea

Bad changes in policies

Bad Idea

Brief words regarding RAND, capital, and non-capital economies

change in standards policy


Comment on "reasonable and non-discriminatory" patent system

Comment on draft W3C Patent Policy Framework

Comment on inclusion of patented technologies in standards: JUST SAY NO!

Comment on patent policy

Comment on patent policy proposal

Comment on proposed "RAND" policy

Comment on proposed patent policy

Comment on proposed patent policy change

Comment on RAND

Comment on RAND and RF type licencing

Comment on RAND patent implementation

Comment on RAND policy

Comment on RAND policy proposal

Comment on the proposed patent policy change

Comment re. allowing patented technologies

Comment Submission for the W3C's Patent Policy Group

Comment to W3C Patent Policy Draft

Comment: Against.

Commentary on Patent Policy


Comments about Fee-based Standards for the Web

comments against

Comments for WD-patent-policy-20010816

comments on patented and proprietary "standards"

Comments on proposed patent policy

Comments on proposed W3 patent policy

Comments on RAND

Comments on RAND licensing.

Comments on the draft.

Comments On The W3C Patent Policy Framework Draft

comments on the working draft

Comments on your Patent Policy

comments on: W3C Considers Royalty-Bound Patents In Web Standards

Comments re: http://www.w3.org/2001/08/16-PP-FAQ.html

Comments Regarding RAND Wroking draft

Commercial impact of the proposed W3C patent policy.

Commment on patent changes

Concerns about future fees for already implemented standards.

concerns about new RAND licensing

Concerns about RAND licensing terms

Concerns regarding RAND licensing.

Concerns with implementing patented technology in W3C standard

Consideration of Patented Standards

Corporate Power Grabs

Corporate product lines as "standards"

Crass Stupidity

dangerous development

Dear Sirs/Madams

Death of the W3C

Deeply concerned about the possible change of accepted IPR policy

Disgust in proposed changes to W3C policy

Dissent and comment


Do Not Adopt The Patent Policy

Do not adopt the RAND policy. It will kill the W3C

Do not allow "RAND" patents to pollute W3C standards

do NOT allow non royalty free patents into W3C standards

Do not allow patents into w3c standards

Do you make conference calls?

Document contradicts own goals

Does W3C yearn for the bad old days...?

Don't change policy.

Don't destroy the open web!

Don't do it!

Don't do RAND

Don't even think about it

Don't include patented technology in W3C standards!

Effect on Mozilla etc

Even current standards are not safe!

Even the idea is absurd...

EXCELLENT... Everything is falling into place! <HAHAHahahahaha....>

failure to communicate


Fee based web standard

Fee-based Standards

Fee-based standards for the web

Fee-bound patents

Fee-Bound W3C Standards

Fighting for the right for free information exchange

Final Comment

For shame!



FYI posting inspired by IP note

Get sexy, Register .Sex domains! 65371

How could W3C even THINK of such a thing?

I am against this policy

I am appalled

I am concerned about allowing RAND licensing

I believe RAND is a bad idea

I concur with Alan Cox

I do not agree with RAND

I don't agree.

I don't like the RAND license

I hope you know wath you are doing.

I hope you realise

I implore you not to leave Opensource behind!

I object to RAND

I oppose RAND

I oppose the W3C's proposed change in patent policy.

I say "NO!" to RAND

I strongly object to the proposed policy of allowing patented technologies to be used in W3C standards definition

I will have to look for other standard bodies

I'm horrified.

If it ain't broke... don't fix it.

If you start patenting the web,

Ill-Advised Patent Policy

IMHO: Patents have no place in W3C

Impact on existing WG's

Implementing RAND would be the death of W3C

In opposition to RAND licenses

incorporating patented technology in W3 standards

Incorporating patented technology in W3C standards is a bad idea

Is it time for GNU standarts organization?

ISMM Professional Sales Qualifications

It doesn't make sense, it isn't fair, and it's regressive

It is so sad to see the W3C go

It's so simple: We need a new W3C

Just say "no" to patents.

Just say No to RAND! (and RF)

Just say no!

Keep patent policy as it is (please)

Keep patented technologies out of W3C standards

Keep pay-for-play patents from the W3C

Keep the standards patent-free

Keep the web open

Leaving the W3C

Les brévets et les standarts

Let's stick together!


Loosening requirements for patented technologies

LT: \"But we posted it\"

LT: NO to RAND Proposal

LT: NO to W3C RAND Proposal

Microsoft patenting the WWW ???

Money will do more to destroy the web the goverments.

MS attempt to kill Open Source projects

my name and other matters

My opinion on new policy

My opinion on the RAND proposal

My vote is against

Negative Comments

new patent policy

new RAND licensing model comments

new royalty based standard


No good can come of this. Please reject this proposal!

No longer "world-wide"?

No matter what, make RAND free for Free Open Source software


No No No. Remember what W3C stands for

NO Patents

No patents as standards ...

No patents for W3C technology.

NO patents in standards

No Patents in Standards Please!

No patents, please!

No proprietary standards


No RAND standards

No RAND, please!

No room for patents in standards

No Software Patents

No to fee-based standards

NO to new RAND proposal!


No to Patents, Yes to Discrimination

NO to proposed RAND patent policy

No to RAND

No to RAND license

NO to RAND patents

No to RAND policy

No to RAND!

No to RAND!!!!

No Web Patents!



No. This opens the door to corruption.

Nobility in Web Standards

Non-discriminatory licensing

non-free standards

non-royalty-free licensing

noncommercial perspective


Objection to patent policy

Objection to RAND licencing scheme

Objections to proposed patent policy

Objections to RAND provision of the Patent Policy Framework

Objections to RAND.

Objections to the Working Draft

On Allowing RAND licensing to be used by W3C standards

On the proposed patent policy of the W3C

One World, One Web, One Program......No W3C

Open and Free

Open Source Exclusion by Any Royalty Based Patents

Open Source will RANDel your heads!

Open Standards x Patents

Open, shared technology, not patents

Opinion on the RAND license

oppose RAND

Opposed to new draft of policy

opposed to non-free standards

Opposed to Patent Policy

Opposed To Patents In Web Standards

Opposed to proposed patent policy

opposed to RAND

Opposed to RAND patents in W3C standards

opposed to w3c patent-friendly policy

Opposition to Patent Policy

Opposition To Rand

paid royalties for standards which use patents

pateneted IP standards

patent ? no royalty-free license ?

Patent and Standards

Patent encumbered standards squelch innovation

Patent encumbrance of standards unwise in international relations

patent free web

Patent owners should fend for themselves.

Patent Policy

Patent policy - RAND may be misguided

patent policy : chilling effect of RAND

Patent Policy and Free Internet

Patent Policy and Free Internet (Rev.1)

Patent Policy Change

patent policy comment

patent policy comments

Patent policy draft severely flawed

Patent Policy Framework

Patent Policy: bad for everybody except big biz

Patented recommendations

Patented software

Patented standard = oxymoron. A thousand times NO!!!

patented standards

Patented standards = stifling innovation

Patented standards == damage

patented technologies in W3C standards

Patented technologies inclusion in W3C standards

Patenting Standards


patentpolicy comment


Patents & W3C standards

Patents and royalties are the antithesis of the Web's openness

Patents and standards are mutually exclusive

Patents and the W3C

Patents and the W3C - NO !

Patents are dangerous to open standards

patents are evil

Patents aren't standar

Patents can become an obstacle to free development/free world

Patents in W3C recommendations

Patents in W3C standards? Egad.

Patents in W3C technical documents

Patents in web standards

patents in your standards

Patents on W3C Standards

Patents only use if completely free and unrestricted

Patents should not have a place in the standards process!

Patents Will Interfere With Existing Market-Driven Processes

Patents would stunt evolution of the web

Permit _ONLY_ royalty-free working groups in the W3C!

Please avoid patented standards, even "RAND"

Please do not allow any W3C standard to be encumbered by patents.

Please do not allow patented standards

Please do not allow RAND licenses

Please do not encumber our standards with patents

Please do NOT incorporate RAND licensed technology in your recommendations

Please do not loosen W3C patent restrictions.

Please don't

Please don't allow patents into standards

Please don't allow patents to monopolize SW / the web.

please don't do it

Please don't do it.

Please don't do this

Please don't undo the good the W3C has achieved.

Please extend the comment deadline

Please extend the comment period

Please keep patents out of standards!

Please keep the web OPEN

Please keep the WWW free

Please keep web standards royalty free

Please let webstandards be freely implementable by ALL

Please reconsider

Please reconsider RAND patent policy...

Please reconsider this course of action

Please remember PNG, and do not allow RAND to become policy

Please say no to patented tech

Please say NO to royalty-bound patents for the web!

Please! No royalty-based standards!

Please, No

Please, no patented material in W3C standards

Please, reject RAND

Policy vs. mechanism

Proposal to allow patent-bound WWW standards

Proposed Changes in W3C patent policy

Proposed changes to patent policy

Proposed move to fee based standards

Proposed new RAND Policy

Proposed Patent Policy

Proposed patent policy destroys W3C mission

Proposed Patent Pollicy Framework

Proposed RAND licensing model - AGAINST

Proposed RAND Licensing Terms

Proposed RAND Policy

Proposed W3C Change on Patent Policy

Proposed W3C Patent Policy

Proprietary standards.


Public comment

Public Comment RAND

Public comment system flawed, deadline should be extended

RAD working draft


RAND & intellectual property


RAND (www patent policy) standards

RAND -- "Whoops, you owe us royalties!"

RAND = W3C suicide

RAND => effectively proprietary standard


RAND and patents have no place on the WEB!!!

RAND and the W3C Patent Policy


RAND clause and W3C's mission

RAND comment

Rand Comments

RAND Concerns

RAND considered harmful

RAND et al

RAND Hurts Everyone

RAND initiative

RAND is a bad idea

RAND is bad for everyone

RAND is bad for the Web

RAND is Discriminatory.

RAND is not acceptable

RAND is problematic

RAND licences: don\'t act unresponsibly and cowardly

RAND Licencing

RAND license

RAND license *is* discriminatory...

RAND License acceptance

RAND license and the future of the web

RAND License Garbage

RAND license is effectively impossible

RAND license sucks

RAND license terms are rediculous!

RAND licenseing comment

RAND Licenses

RAND licensing

RAND licensing against opennes of the world wide web

RAND licensing and open source software

RAND licensing and the future of W3C

RAND licensing and WWW standards - another vote against this atrocity

RAND Licensing Concerns

RAND licensing inappropriate for web technologies

RAND licensing is a bad idea

RAND Licensing is a terrible mistake

RAND LICENSING IS BAD -- will do all I can to stop it

RAND licensing model

RAND Licensing Model -- bad.

RAND licensing of "patented standards" will kill the web

RAND licensing policy

RAND licensing scheme

RAND licensing: bad proposal, insufficient consultation

RAND not appropriate for the Web.

RAND objection

RAND only promotes big companies agenda

RAND Patent Policy

RAND Patents in Standards? NO!

Rand policies

RAND policy

RAND policy change

RAND proposal

RAND proposal for WWW.

RAND proprosal

RAND risks to set W3.org out of play

RAND standards

RAND uglyness

RAND versus freedom


RAND Will Discredit W3C

RAND will hurt the W3C and the Internet.

RAND will kill the Web

RAND Would Destroy W3C

RAND would stifle innovation and hurt consumer choice

RAND, Accessibility, and the Digital Divide

RAND: Friend or foe ? (or is w3c just abolishing themself)

RAND: hat about everyone else?

RAND: Sounds like a disaster in the making...

RAND: Working Group comment requested

RAND: Wrong!

RAND? please just don't.

Re RAND licensing

Redundancy of any comment


Regarding RAND license...

Regarding the patent policy recommendation.

Regarding the RAND license...

Reject RAND proposal

Reject this proposal

Remember the browser wars? Now, apply RAND..

Resistance is not futile.

Response to RAND - negative

response to your proposal

RF > RAMMED * Deadline extension? * W3C should serve the PUBLIC interest

RF and RAND licencing

Royalties and the W3C

Royalties in patents used in standards

Royalty bound patents in web standards

royalty free standards

royalty free standards only, please

Royalty-Bound Patents

Royalty-Bound Patents in Web Standards

Royalty-Free should be required

royalty-free standards needed

russian art

Say No to RAND

Sell out covered up by NewSpeak

Serious issues of concern about internet patents

Serious problems

Shameless attempt to commercialise the standards process

Should drop RAND, or re-open public discussion


simple analysis

So much for an independant body

Some thoughts about standards (short)

Speech freedom menaced

standarts should be royalty and thus patent free

Stop Software Patents!

stop them from crashing the RAND fee plane on the free software towers

Stop This

Strong Objections to Proposals

Strongly disagree with proposal to allow non-royalty-free standards

strongly opposed to W3C endorsing non-royalty-free standards

Strongly Opposed to W3C RAND patents

Submarine patents

Thanks A Lot, Folks

The closing of open standards.

The concept of RAND is in itself discriminatory

The idea stinks.

The Internet must remain free (gratis and libre)

The Internet was developed for the Free exchange of Information - not big business

The Internet: for citizens as well as commerce?

The new W3C patent related policy seems a bad thing

The patent-policy change (RAND)

The Patented Internet

The policy change with respect to patents (RAND)

the promotion of fee base standards.

The proposal about allowing patents on W3C standards would take away the value of these.

The proposal is very harmful

The proposed policy is bad news


The RAND conflicts with the philosophy of the internet

the shift in the position of the W3C on patented standards.

The W3C is dead

There is no need for this.

They laughed when I said I could make a serious profit just using the web..

Think ahead

This is a bad policy

This is Appalling

This is not a good idea

This isn't necessary. I mean the W3C, that is. This patent hoopla raises legitimate issues about the viability of the W3C

This policy is wrong

This will make the W3C be spammers!!!

true standards do not allow patented material

Turning out the light...

Unbelievably bad.

Universal freedom of expression

Unquantifiable Liability ? An Objection to the Patent Proposal

Use of propietary standard. PLEASE, DONT DO!

utterly wrong

Very bad news

Vote NO on RAND Patents

W3 Patent policy


W3C "RAND" Patent Policy Framework draft

W3C - Please preserve the Web!

W3C - turning it's back on the reasons that the Internet has thrived?

w3c accepting patented technology as standards

W3C and patents

W3C and the Promotion of Fee-based Standards for the Web

W3C appointing Microsoft, Apple, HP & Phillips to dig it's grave

W3C betrayal of principles

w3c creating its own competition

W3C is a pawn in an IT Cartel

w3c nonsense

W3C patent policy

W3C Patent Policy : What a pity !

W3C Patent Policy Comment

W3C Patent Policy Framework

W3C Patent Policy Framework - bad move

W3C Patent Policy Framework Comment

W3C Patent Policy Framework Proposal

W3C Patent Policy: Bad bad bad!

W3C Patent Policy: Bad for the W3C, bad for business, bad for users

W3C Patent Policy: Bad for W3C, bad for business, bad for users

W3C Patent Policy: NO

W3C Patent Policy: W3C and the Promotion of Fee-based Standards for the Web

W3C Patents -----> Monopoly Control

W3C propsed patent policy

W3C RAND proposed recommendation...

W3C Responds

W3C ridiculous new policy on patents

W3C Working Draft 16 August 2001

W3C's Patent policy

W3C: Thank you for RAND licensing policy!

W3C: why are you fighting against your old friends?

Web standards should be patent free

Web standards should be patent-free

What a joke you've become W3C.

What a shame. Bad shift. Ill fight against it

What are you *thinking*?!?!

What are you guys smoking?

What part of "Free" or "open" don't you understand?

What's wrong? These companies can't compete on their own.

Who pays?

Why I Discourage Patented Standards

Why Tim Berners-Lee is against the RAND

Will we choose profits at the expense of our students?

World Wide Web is International

World Wide Web, RAND, and people without a lot of money


WTC wasn't enough?

WWW death



You said it better than I can

Your Utter Arrogance is Showing

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