W3C and the Promotion of Fee-based Standards for the Web

Dear patent policy committee,

If a "standard" is not freely licensed, then, with complete effectiveness,
it locks out free software.  Up until now, the W3C has supported a free
market in web software by its old settled policy of requiring that all
standards be free standards, in a sense close to that of "free software".

A move to trammeled standards, in addition to the complete suppression of
free software competitors, would also do grave damage to all but the few
companies with the patent departments and lawyers to fight the non-market
bureaucratic and judicial battles such non-free standards would induce.
Thus any non-free standard does not only eliminate free software, it
eliminates all but a few players, whose sole claim to domination is their
ability to pay for patent filings and lawyers' fees and gifts to

Please do not allow the World Wide Web Consortium to be so crudely
captured by such a small group of companies, which companies did not
invent the Web, and which today do not control it.

John McNeill
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119
The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:35:16 UTC