Money will do more to destroy the web the goverments.

The W3C should ONLY support RF (Royalty Free)standards.  Money. patents 
and royalties would destroy the Internet.  Money can be used to 
concentrate applications into the hands of a  few large instutions.  A 
new idea or standard could be denided or modified to include nonRF 
ideas.  If a small group has a better idea but because of existing non 
RF  standards could prevent this new idea from taking hold and growing 
because the small group does't have the other standards due to money.  

Keep The Web Free.  Free Standards For a Free Web.

Once non RF standards start the is no reason why people would want to 
submit free ideas anymore.  The W3C is powerful enough the help promote 
the free web.  Once you allow one non RF standard the other groups will 
say this can be non RF also.  If you don't stop it before it starts it 
will never stop. The web will end up the property of a few companies.

Shaun Savage

Received on Saturday, 29 September 2001 21:16:52 UTC