W3C Patent Policy: NO

	This message is intended for those who forgot

	You guys forget something?

	You guys forget about us?

	The users

	You guys have a job now because a lot of people
worked together to create a free Internet long time ago, they
shared their time, knowledge, experience and much more
to give something to the people, something that would allow
them to evolve, create and share ...

	... and now you want to become what? corportate 
zealots? You want to kill that free spirit.


	Go ahead, do it.

	I offer all that that others did before to create a
new, free Internet, where knowledge and innovation is 
what matters, not the amount of cash you put on the

	It is simply disgusting. I cannot believe it. I don't
even know how can you live with it.

	And by the way, in case you were wondering
free in this message is free as in free spech.

	Inaky Perez Gonzalez

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 14:05:38 UTC