What are you *thinking*?!?!

The web was turned into a developers nightmare as Netscape and Microsoft added "features" in their respective clients, in order to garner marketshare, and this despite the existence of a standards governing body.

Now you want to "give away the store" to any company that holds a possible legal claim to intellectual property, and enable the collection of licensing fees?

What better way to further fracture the web can you come up with?

I know, a toll metering web application on every switch and router in existence!  Then you can simply take a percentage of that as your fee for recognizing it as a "standard".

Should this RAND licensing scheme do anything other than die a painless death behind closed doors, you will have struck a death knell to the free and open nature of the web as it was intended.

You will also confirm in the minds of many that the W3C has, in fact, become a self serving toady of corporate interests, is undoubtedly the recipient of under-the-table largesse and is tantamount to the IOC, in it's most corrupt incarnation.

     Disgustedly waiting for the other shoe to drop;
     oDDmON oUT

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Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 07:55:39 UTC