I have for a long time used W3C recommendations as a baseline for 
development, and I have the greatest respect for what the W3C has 
acheived, not only for those of us that develop software, but also for 
everyone that uses it.

But I am extremely concerned that any proposal that allows 
patented/royalty-due specifications to even be considered as being 
published as part of a standard (recommendation) simply undermines all 
that I have come to understand the W3C is all about - to the point where 
I will have to rethink wether recommendations published by the W3C are 
actually 'standards' or not.

I think it is critical for all of us, that everyone developing or using 
software, free or otherwise, has a constant and freely available 
reference for interoperability that is not tainted, or indeed 
controlled, by any organizations proprietary interests.

I strongly urge you to rethink what I consider to be a totally 
unacceptable proposition.

Andy Scholz
Independent Software Developer

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 17:19:08 UTC