Re: Please extend the comment deadline

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> Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 17:01:12 -0600
> From: Theo de Raadt <>
> Subject: Please extend the comment deadline
> Please extend the deadline.  As the mailing list shows, most people
> just became aware of this in the last 24 hours.  If this is to be an
> open conversation, then it must be handled in an open fashion -- so
> extend it for another week at least so that you can see exactly how
> much of an issue most people have with this absolute stupid proposal.
> Every time I go to an IETF meet, I am actively fighting against
> permitting such license controlled components into standards.
> I must also say that this very much smells like the Open Group has
> gotten involved (remember, those are the misnamed guys who tried to
> make X11 not free)

"W3C Members Apple, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, ILOG, Microsoft, Nortel
Networks, The Open Group, Philips Electronics, Reuters, and Sun worked
on this draft together with W3C Team members."


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