RAND (www patent policy) standards

Network standards do not work when there are royalty issues sounding
them.  In fact such "standards" are not really standards in the culture
and history of the Internet.  Imagine if all the various RFC's had
royalties associated with their usage.  The Internet would have been

To change to allow such things now, would turn the keys of the public
Internet over to often immoral large corporations.  Unfortuneatly W3C
controlled standards have become all that is the Internet in the majority
of users's minds.  Many have never heard of or used Telnet, ping, etc.
and do not realize they use FTP at times (since most browsers make using
this protocol over HTTP transparent).

Please keep the Internet free as its founding fathers did.

-- David    (obrien@NUXI.com)

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 19:01:09 UTC