This will make the W3C be spammers!!!

I quote from your FAQ:

[2-10] Opt-Out

Opt-out is defined as either a type of program that assumes inclusion 
unless stated otherwise, or refers to the removal of oneself from a program.

You opt-out of something you never joined in the first place.

This means that any third party can subscribe one party to the program, 
without the victim's knowledge.  Everyone knows that Opt-Out doesn't 
work, is ILLEGAL in several US states and many countries, and invades 
everyone's privacy.

The entire Internet rejects the idea of Opt-Out.  If the W3C goes 
through with Opt-Out, then the W3C and it's consituents will be 
virtually cut off from the Internet as they will be going into multiple 
blacklists held by multiple people.  It will destroy the W3C.

Instead, use Confirmed Opt-In:

Confirmed Opt-In is defines as a type of program that requires explicit 
permission granted by the applicant, and confirmed by the applicant, to 
permit the applicant to join the program.

You opt-in to something you like to join, and then confirm your intentions.

Confirmed opt-in is more secure, and results in vastly less legal 
action.  Companies have been sued over opt-out.  AOL and Earthlink have 
sued multiple companies, and have won each time.

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    "X  "X  X  .'           tygris at cablespeed dot com
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