If you start patenting the web,

	Then I will ignore all your further efforts and start
redesigning again from the ground up and get it right this time.

	It one thing to have a flaky, outdated, cumbersome and
innefficient document distribution system, but to then start
slapping patents on it as if it is something wonderfull makes
me sick.

	When I do my redesign (which I have been contemplating
for several years now), I will make sure it is released under
the GNU public license for all to share for all time.

	So as to RAND, NO WAY.

	AFAIAC, the W3C just died in my heart, RIP.

Cheers Michael H. Voase.
They can have my hands when they pry them from my cold dead PC....

Received on Saturday, 29 September 2001 21:16:34 UTC