W3C Patent Policy

Obviously the W3C has lost its collective mind but when I consider the
authors of this proposal:

          * Michele Herman, Microsoft, micheleh@microsoft.com
          * Scott Peterson, Hewlett-Packard, scott_k_peterson@hp.com
          * Tony Piotrowski, Philips, tony.piotrowski@philips.com
          * Barry Rein, Pennie & Edmonds (for W3C), barry@pennie.com
          * Daniel Weitzner, W3C/MIT, djweitzner@w3.org
          * Helene Plotka Workman, Apple Computer, plotka@apple.com

It's pretty easy to see why!

So if the W3C abandons its place of respect by becoming little more than
a lacky to corporate interest then I guess the internet will become a
waste land scattered with the corpses of defunct and deceased

It has been the open standards which have made the internet the
success it is today. Destroy them and you destroy the internet. The
future is in question because of this arrogant encroachment of corporate
interest and abbrogation of responsibility by the W3C. With this
proposal all respect for the W3C as an organization is gone because the
W3C effectively dissappears, replaced by corporate influence, and
meddling. You make yourselves irrelevant!

Cheers... :-)
"...software engineers, as Percy Bysshe Shelley said of poets, are the
unacknowledged legislators of our time. acknowledge this reality and try
to shape it..." - stille/lessig

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 12:22:58 UTC