RAND objection

This is a bad proposal.

Such a proposal will allow for implementation of a "standard" only to those
that can afford it. Now that does not seem like an open standard to me.

A standard that falls under the RAND umbrella, IMHO, is not an open
standard. An open standard should be implementable AND useable without the
implementor or the user suffering from legal repercussions (eg httpd +
browser). Not talking about content here. The implementation must not be
subject to NDA or other propreitary mechanisms. I am not a legal player - so
my interpretation is subject to holes - but I think I have converyed the
gist of my belief.

The W3C had in my eyes, stood for open standards. The argument for change is
not presuasive.

Vincent Joseph

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 11:01:41 UTC