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I'm totally appalled by reading that you are proposing to change your
policies to allow for patented and potentially non-free technology to be
endorsed by the W3C. It seems that the browser wars have mostly reached a
cease-fire and I for one would hate to see it restarted. 
Another point I want to bring is that the world wide web has a tradition
of being built around free (as in speech) technology, it would be very sad
to see that change.

Also, bringing patents into what is meant to be open standards is never a
good thing, nothing is truly open and free if someone can suddenly decide
that they will start charging for it, we don't want the users of the
internet to be at the mercy of the wims of greedy corporations. I hope we
all remember the whole .gif controversy, and I also hope we all learned
from it that the internet infrastructure could be severely hampered by
this sort of thing.

        Kristoffer Ekelund

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Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 17:16:31 UTC