Patents aren't standar

When an organization like W3C stablishes a new standar, it means that 
all programs which wants to be standar (i.e. having a lot of clients or 
users) must put those standar features in their programs. Moreover, W3C 
was born with the purpose (among others) of making easy developing 
programs (or facilities) that could be used by everyone (easy, also, 
for the user). Patents limits this use, patents difficults this use and 
I understand that patents must be not included in standars since 
standars must be used/joined by everyone, regardless of the money the 
user can pay for a program or the restrictions that any program sets 
you (including security, availability and freedom).
Please, don't include patents in WWW standar: -Juan José Ramírez- 

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 12:05:12 UTC