No matter what, make RAND free for Free Open Source software

I truly hope this does not pass for reasons many others have elaborated.

But if it does, PLEASE include a clause allowing any Free Open Source
licensed software (GPL, BSD, etc.) to make use of the patented public
standard for free.  This is the only way the policy can be considered
"Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory."  It is simply NOT FAIR to exclude
Free Open Source software from use of public standards over a public
network, which is what will happen.  Free Open Source software is
developed by a hardworking community of volunteers
for the benefit of everyone.  Since it is effectively "owned" by the
public there is of course no one to pay for the license.  Thus the
software will be prohibited from communicating over the public network
once patented protocols become widespread.  Open source developers have
provided a gift to the world that has benefitted everyone; this is the
thanks they get?  Open source developers are not asking to use
patented standards and don't want them endorsed as public standards
by the W3C.  They will be forced to use these patented standards
against their will, or not communicate at all, if W3C endorsement
results in their widespread use over the public network.


Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 18:46:53 UTC