new patent policy

  Open and free standards are essential if we are interested in seeing the 
increasing potential and growth of the internet. Non-propietary standards 
have probably been the single greatest impetus to the explosive growth of the 
internet over the past ten years.
  One might say that open standards not only encourage competition and 
innovation, but that they demand these essential qualities. These twin 
concepts, over time, lead to increased quality and lower cost to business and
consumers. For example, compare a PC from 1988 to a current PC; the 
differences in speed, capacity and cost are staggering. Open standards are 
responsible for bringing computing within the reach of most of the 
industrialized world.
  Without the continuing competition and innovation, this wonderful thing 
called the internet will beyond the reach of most of the developing world. 
Why would one want to shut off a huge future market like that?
  Please reconsider the current discussions and hold off making any binding 
decisions that may have unforseen results.


George Marteness

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 22:48:12 UTC