W3C: Thank you for RAND licensing policy!

To whom it may concern (which I am sure is no one on this working group),

Thank you for the RAND licensing policy. This reinforces my belief that
all independent standards bodies are nothing but greedy panhandlers
looking for handouts from corporate fatcats. Thank you for making the web
a forum that only those who can afford to purchase a patent-encumbered
browser can access. Of course, those users will undoubtedly be paying per
page viewed -- after all, I'm sure one of the patents in the browser will
support tracking pages viewed so the content providers can get their fair
share of the billions of dollars to be made selling corporate advertising
on the web. Thank you for taking away one of the few truly free forums for
discussing ideas and opinions that may not be popular with political and
corporate interests. Who doubts that corporations know what we, the people
of the world, want better than we do ourselves?

Thanks again,

Chip Warden

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 13:58:54 UTC