Opposed to proposed patent policy

I have just found out about the proposed patent policy,

I oppose it utterly.  A standard which is not free for use by anyone is
not a standard, it is merely a commonly-used proprietary interface.  A
policy which allows a patent holder to remain silent about a patent,
write it into a standard, and then reap the benefits in the form of
"Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory" -- but high -- license fees will
utterly destroy both the open Web, and whatever credibility the W3C ever
had as a standard-making body.

The correct response to the sudden revelation of a patent by a
participant in the standard-making process should be the automatic
_royalty-free_ licensing of that patent for any purpose relating to the
implementation and use of the standard. 

As for my qualifications, I am a computer-science researcher at Ricoh
Innovations, Inc., and the holder of five software-related patents.  I
am also an open-source software developer and an author (of web pages,
among other things).
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Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:16:29 UTC