I'd just like to register my disapproval at the idea of supporting 
patented technologies as standards, where avoidable. Other people have
really managed to put forward all the best arguments already. From reading
the Patent Policy WG FAQ, I haven't been reassured as to the
appropriateness of the suggested policies... and I don't feel that they're
likely, in the end, to benefit anybody but patent holders. I feel that
instead of them, the W3C should really be worrying about the effects on
all Web users - including non-commercial bodies.

It works against the principal of universal access to use technologies
that may be commercially restricted, even though the current patent holder
may promise to be lenient. 

In essence I think it breaks some of the W3C's stated intentions.
Therefore, I urge that it be reconsidered.

Yours sincerely,

Em Tonkin

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 22:55:54 UTC