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I hope that these comments don't arrive too late,

first I have to say that this period for comments
was way too short for what is being proposed.

Second, you must not allow the web to fall under commercial
control to the degree which is being proposed, the web
was formed on free and open standards and must remain
under free and open standards or innovation will be completely
stifled (contrary to what certain commercial entities might
state). It is free software (Apache, Linux, Bsd) which has
allowed the web to flourish in the way it has, the commercialising
of the standards process would make it impossible to
continue developing these softwares in the manor
which they are presently developed.

Third, rather than just involving commercial entities in this process
(Apple, HP, Microsoft, which is an invitation for completely closed
and expensive licensing fees, which no one but majour commercial
entities could afford) I would suggest a standards commitee
made up of open source advocates, in order to ensure the continued
freedom of the net (sorry, no matter how much they may complain
to the contrary, Apple and Microsoft do not qualify, as past 
behavior proves.)

Lastly, I see this as little more than an attempt by money grubby
commercial entities to control something they should not be
allowed to control, yes they could have some input, but it should 
be on the EXACT SAME FOOTING as the rest of us, free input
before an open and free, unbiased standards committee.

Ken Plumbly:

Aurora Communications
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Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 14:25:57 UTC