comments on: W3C Considers Royalty-Bound Patents In Web Standards

Are these guys *nuts*?  I have no problems with GPL'ized licensing.  If
I make money on something it is right and proper to give some back... On
the other hand I have had my nuts busted more than once by using a
licensed or patented technology in a project just to have the licenser
change their mind on how they are going to distribute it 3 years after
the fact.  Then I find that I have to either totally rewrite my PD
freeware (that I give away without fee) or be stuck with the old,
probably buggy, versions of the software -- never to be upgraded.  Is
this the fate the W3C wish for all of the web based GPL/OSF code?  God I
hope not...  What are they *thinking*?

  EBo -- <>

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 21:50:58 UTC