RAND Would Destroy W3C

The W3C is perceived as the guardian of a public trust. The RAND 
proposal and the attempt to sneak it past public scrutiny are a massive 
violation of that trust.

That a proposal with consequences as sweeping and far-reaching as RAND 
could have been kept secret for so long is ample evidence that something 
is very wrong at the W3C.

If the W3C is to continue as a viable entity in maintaining the 
standards of the WWW it must not only  strongly reject the RAND 
proposal, it must also change the way it operates and implement 
structural changes to ensure that the concerns of web users are taken 
into consideration along with those of private interests.

Greg Smith * * * gsmith@gregsmith.org * * * http://www.gregsmith.org/

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 14:19:07 UTC