Please do not allow RAND licenses

Dear Sirs,

I recently read the Patent Policy Working Group FAQ, and take issue with
the concept of a "Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory" license.  If W3C
Members are permitted to propose Recommendations which depend on
software licensed under non-RF terms, they will most certainly do so.

By requiring RF terms for ALL technologies needed to implement Recom-
mendations, W3C has an opportunity to give patent-holders an incentive
to make their technologies available to the ENTIRE development community,
not just those who have deep pockets.  Conversely, if RAND terms are
allowed, there will be a strong incentive for any Member to propose
Recommendations which require patents they hold, as this will be an
effective way to extort the licensing fee from all developers wishing to
make their products fully standards compliant.

I urge you to reconsider the implications of the RAND licensing, and
furthermore hope that W3C will consider a patent policy which automatically
dismisses from consideration any Recommendation which cannot be
implemented using exclusively RF technologies.

Thank You,

    Loren Guthrie

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:34:36 UTC