RAND licensing

I am very concerned that the RAND licensing may have a negative impact on 
free/open source software. I don't think neither software patents nor 
licensing fees is something that is beneficial. The ongoing shift towards 
free/open software is bound to produce better quality of software and faster 
development of software. This is favourable in many aspects, and in line 
with what I thought W3C stands for.

I hope that RAND licensing is not the end of the good work W3C has done 
over the years. W3C has been utterly important for the development of 
internet, and is likely to continue to be. It would be very unfortunate 
if a shift toward corporate interests would replace the unbiased view of 
standardization that has been the trademark of W3C. 

I believe that RAND licensing might even lead to the emerge of several 
standards, since the licensing fee might require that those who don't want 
to pay the fee must invent something different. This would mean that RAND 
licensing would work against the whole idea of W3C.

Best Regards,
Christer Andersson

Christer O. Andersson
Odensbacken, Sweden

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:47:02 UTC