Re: the shift in the position of the W3C on patented standards.

As an embedded software developer, I find this proposed shift in the 
policies of the W3C on patent-encumbered standards quite disturbing. 
Some of the projects I work on have embedded HTML browsers, and due to 
the environment in which they are used I cannot always turn to a 
commercially provided solution for what I need to do. If I have to 
patent check every feature I try to place in my equipment, then I will 
simply not be able to place any new features in my equipment. And as the 
Web moves from standards-based documents (HTML) to non-standard 
documents (PDF, MS-DOC file, etc.), the utility of the Web as a platform 
to be built upon will be diminished.

Please, reconsider this peril-laden action. Require ALL W3C standards to 
be either completely patent unencumbered, or require all patents to be 
released for use by anybody without royalty for the purposes of 
implementing a W3C compliant app.


David D. Hagood

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 15:07:35 UTC