W3C Patent Policy Framework

  To whom it may Concern,

I've read you proposed Patent Policy Framework and feel that it is
not right for the W3 organization to be sponsoring Web standards that
require a license from patent holders in order to implement such

  The web strength comes from it's openess and the ability of many
larger and small companies alike, as well as individuals to contribute
to it's development. While companies may hold patents on how they
implement software, I do not believe that the W3 should 
develop standards that require a patent license in order to implement
standard. Such companies should offer royalty free usage as part of
participation in standards.

  The usage of patents has a large impact on the ability for Open Source

  There are many organizations that already develop standards that are
patent encumbered and require a license to be obtained for their usage;
there is no reason for the W3 to join them.



  Gerald Hewes

Received on Sunday, 30 September 2001 17:50:12 UTC